THE WORLD’S FIFTH LARGEST COUNTRY by area and sixth largest by population, opportunities to explore this great nation's political, economic, and cultural histories abound


Engage in your own unique combination of program opportunities while traveling through and settling into Brazil.


History & Culture

From indigenous civilizations over 10,000 years ago to 16th-century Portuguese colonization and beyond, Brazil has a unique and fascinating history to share. Its modern culture is rooted in this colorful history, rich with influences from around the world.

Take a deeper dive into the fabric of Brazil through cultural exchange with Brazilian peers, exploration of historically significant sites, guest lectures with renowned cultural observers, and much more.


Business & Economics

Slowly emerging from a 2014 recession that halted over 20 years of relatively unimpeded growth, Brazil is an economic powerhouse that boasts a mixed economy and estimated $21.8 trillion USD in natural resources, including vast amounts of gold, uranium, iron, and timber.

While exploring Brazil, visit multinational corporations and ambitious startups, natural resource excavation sites and commodities traders, and a range of local stakeholders each working toward individual and national prosperity.


Environment & Nature

Brazil is home to a third of the world's rainforests, covering nearly three million square kilometers of its territory. Two-thirds of the Amazon River also runs within Brazil’s borders, providing a resource-rich home to tens of thousands of species. Due to these natural wonders, Brazil contains incredible biodiversity that must be understood and preserved for the betterment of all future generations.


Music & Dance

Feel the energy and fast paced rhythms of Brazil’s world-famous Samba by taking part in interactive dance classes and live performances. Learn about the combination of Afro-Brazilian dance, acrobatics, and music that resulted in the Capoeira martial art form.


Service Work

Enact purposeful change in the communities of Brazil by collaborating with local non-governmental organizations to volunteer in the country’s sprawling metropolises and surrounding favelas. Venture to rural areas with your program leaders and participate in local reforestation efforts, sustainable water resource projects, and more.

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