Experience a vibrant culture frozen in time on the largest island in the Caribbean Sea


Engage in your own unique combination of opportunities while traveling through and settling into Cuba.



Most Cuban industries are owned and operated by the government, and the majority of the labor force is employed by the state. This factor along with the effects of Cuba’s relations with outside countries has led to a 



Government control and censorship has been the defining factor of Cuban media since nation’s 1959 revolution. Gain more insight into censorship and journalism in Cuba through organized discussions and panels with local journalists.



A communist nation with a complex political history, Cuba has recently started down the path toward restoring diplomatic relations with the U.S. Learn about the effects of Cuba’s policies and international relations over time and how the country is moving forward through discussions with local experts.



Education is a high priority within the Cuban government. This is reflected in the country’s ambitious education system, which offers many unique programs for Cubans and foreigners alike. Visit local schools and meet with students for cultural exchange and insight into Cuba’s unique approach to educating the local and global citizenry.


History & Culture

Cuba has a long and rich history that continues to shape its vibrant culture. From indigenous peoples to Spanish settlers, the Afro-Latino population, and the Jewish community, there is a wide range of past and present knowledge to explore. Meet with subject experts in the Cuban community and delve deeper into various aspects of the country’s history and identity.


service work

There are service opportunities available in a wide range of sectors within Cuba. Students can lend a hand on a local farm in the small town of Trinidad, volunteer in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Havana, or engage in service work opportunities at local churches, synagogues, and schools.

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