Over a billion people and more than twenty official languages


Engage in your own unique combination of opportunities while traveling through and settling into India.


History & Culture

India is known as one of the four great ancient civilizations of the world along with Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and China. With the help of a local historian, explore iconic sites, storied temples, and traditional markets while putting it all in the context of 21 century India. Experience the food, music, religion, and daily customs of the people while nearing sensory overload at nearly every turn.


Religion & Philosophy

Explore the foundations of Hindu and how other religions have been introduced into India over the course of centuries. Understand how religion plays a part in the daily lives of all citizens of India and how the tenets of Hinduism became part of the moral fabric of the nation.


Service Work

With over a billion people living in the country, there are plenty of opportunities for humanitarian support. Take part in volunteering efforts in disadvantaged communities by helping students at local schools, or by helping the elderly in various communities throughout India.

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