considered home to more artistic masterpieces per square mile than any country in the world


Engage in your own unique combination of opportunities while traveling through and settling into Italy.


Engineering & Technology

Italy has been home to famous innovators throughout time. With your student group, embark on arranged visits to local engineering and tech companies for meetings or presentations, and take behind-the-scenes tours of local facilities, such as the Lamborghini factory.



One of the most loved contributions Italy has provided to the world is delicious, delectable food! Tour local wineries, visit pasta factories, taste authentic cheeses in large cities and small villages alike. Furthermore, take time to engage in cooking lessons so that you can bring a piece of Italy home with you.


The Arts

When traveling in Italy, there is no lack breathtaking and iconic art to indulge in. Tour through the major museums and explore outdoor works and architecture with a seasoned art expert. Even further, spend a night at the opera for incomparable live performances. 


History & Culture

Step into history by exploring the sites of ancient Roman civilization with a local guide. Dive into modern culture as well, by visiting with students at local universities and schools throughout Italy for cultural exchange activities.

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