Home to the World's Second most natively Spoken Language and a fair share of regional cultures and identities, spain is a destination like no other


Engage in your own unique combination of opportunities while traveling through and settling into Spain.


History & Culture

Dive into the many realms within Spain to learn about the vast and majestic history within the country. See many sites of past and present royalty in the capital of Madrid. Venture to the North in Barcelona for a unique Catalan culture and go further south to Granada see how Arab influence affected southern Spain in their architecture food and culture. To get an insider's view of the culture, take part in university visits, engage in cooking classes on the delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet, and witness live flamenco dance performances. Even take part in a dance class yourself!


The Arts

Spain is well known for its famous artists that have shared their creativity with the world over centuries. Witness some of Spain's most iconic works in local museums throughout the country with the guidance of an art historian. In Barcelona see the architectural masterpieces of blank Gaudi. Music and dancing are also very important and iconic parts of Spanish art culture. Learn more about the art of flamenco guitar playing and dancing, and and take a class with your group of students.


Business & Technology

Spain is one of the frontrunners of commercial industry within Europe. Take advantage of arranged company visits to a wide range of firms within Spain, from business, technology, engineering, and beyond according to the interest of your group. During these meetings take part in discussions or enjoy lectures and presentations by local experts in the field.


Service Work

Volunteer at local churches and synagogues in Spain, or help out at a local school to teach children. Also lend a helping hand at local food banks and soup kitchens.

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