Solstice exists to create greater cross-cultural understanding through transformative travel and immersion-based learning.

We celebrate diversity

Every person is unique and should be celebrated for who they are. At Solstice, we can be our authentic selves, and we should always respect and celebrate others for who they are, all while recognizing that we can improve ourselves and those around us each and every day. We build one another up, and we achieve strength through mutual respect and diversity.

We Put The Student Experience First

We are a student first, team second, financial-performance third organization. Everything we do is with long-term orientation. By always taking great care of our students, faculty partners, and fellow team members, Solstice will continue to grow and will remain in good health over the long run. Our purpose as an organization is to serve our students and institutional partners while fostering healthy and mutually beneficial relationships within the local communities in which our students immerse themselves.

We Go The Extra Mile

We go the extra mile in service of our students, faculty leaders, and one another. For many of our students and fellow teammates, Solstice programs are seminal life experiences. By going above and beyond what is expected of us, we leave a permanent, positive impact on one another and we build stronger community.

We Foster A Fun, Family-Based Community

Solstice Education is a big family that welcomes students and team members from around the globe and all walks of life. Like any great family, we are built on values of trust, kindness, and mutual support. Whether in service of our students or our fellow team members, we are here for one another and we strive to contribute to each other’s highest goals.

By staying true to our core values, every decision we make at Solstice becomes simpler. It is our responsibility as a global organization—one entrusted with thousands of students’ learning outcomes—to communicate our values openly and live by them every day. 

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