The Land of Mandela both Thrives and struggles for shared prosperity in the long wake of his peaceful revolution


Engage in your own unique combination of opportunities while traveling through and settling into South Africa.


Environment & Nature

Venture into Kruger National Park to embark on a guided safari tour to see some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. In Pretoria, visit a Cheetah wildlife center to learn about this fascinating species. There is always more wildlife to explore in whichever city of South Africa you choose to visit.



Engineering plays a central role in South African economy. Take advantage of arranged visits to local companies, major international firms, and factory tours in a number of cities. In Pretoria, enjoy an underground guided tour of a diamond mine to see the process behind an iconic South African export.


History & Culture

South Africa has a vast and expansive history to be explored. Remains found within the country are linked to the first humans to have ever existed in the world. In more recent eras, the Apartheid Museum and the Soweto neighborhood give an inside look into the turbulent and defining time period in the country’s history.

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