A melting pot of European cultures, Switzerland is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world


Engage in your own unique combination of opportunities while traveling through and settling into Switzerland.


Science & Technology

Just outside of Geneva is the  the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, known as CERN. Attend guided visits to this fascinating organization, as well as other notable sites such as the Verbois Dam.


Politics & International Relations

Visit the hub of international relations within Europe at the Palais des Nations. This building complex in Geneva houses the European headquarters of the United Nations, as well as other political entities. Explore the grounds and take a guided tour with your students.


History & Culture

Explore the city center of Geneva, and the unique mix of cultures that have settled there. Take in all of the city’s beauty during a relaxing guided boat tour on the bay, and stroll through the ethnography museum and botanical gardens.

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